NEWSPOEM 6 December 1995

PEORIA The seventeen-month strike at eight Caterpillar plants across America has ended with none of the workers' demands met. The UAW rejected Caterpillar's negotiations, which amount to essentially the same offer the union rejected four years ago. Labor law stipulates that the striking workers have a right to their jobs if they make an unconditional offer to return. Associated Press Writer Christopher Wills reports that numerous conservative economic and labor relations professors are rejoicing, clinking champagne glasses, and heralding the age of multinational capitalism in which workers have no rights. During the strike Caterpillar replaced all the striking employees and made record profits. Caterpillar is the nation's leading manufacturer of Earth-moving equipment.

Meanwhile, Fred McGriff is returning to the Atlanta Braves for $ 20.5 million over four years, in addition to a $ 1 million signing bonus.

We are a wounded nation. Do we bleed or scab?

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