NEWSPOEM 7 December 1995

SARAJEVO Associated Poets

Reasons for U.S. intervention in Bosnia:


1. We said we might. As the world's leader, we might lose credibility if it appeared that we were stopping to think.

2. We cannot bring back the war's victims -- we cannot erase its horrors.

3. The endless lines of despair and refugees in Bosnia are longer than those in the U.S.

4. We will have a very special dedicated effort to provide intelligence support to our troops.

5. We have spent billions of dollars on military technology which has never been used.

6. We are going in peace, but will defend ourselves.

7. We're flooding the zone with anything or everything.

8. The biggest threats will come from weather-related accidents.

9. "There's no point. We'll just get shot at and probably killed. I think it's a very big mistake." -- 20-year-old guardsman Jonathan Papizan

9. 13% of Americans are undecided.

30% are in favor.

10. We just don't know what's going on.

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