poor get poorer and rich get richer

Champaign ASSOCIATED POETS -- A few striking public transportation workers in France have returned to work, although the crisis seems far from over. Many, but not all striking Caterpillar employees have replaced replacement workers and are back at work in the wake of the failed strike. 260,000 Federal employees are still out of work due to lack of funding. Yale University graduate teaching assistants are threatening to withhold grades and strike unless recognized as a union; the University has threatened them with financial aid sanctions and expulsion. President Clinton is battling congress to veto a bill that would give U.S. troops a pay increase. But UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS clerical workers may receive a 4-6% raise over the next 3 years.

But the former Executive Director of the State University Retirement System Dennis Spice is under investigation for illicitly spending over $9000 of pension funds for campaign contributions, in addition to $780 on a party and $182 for Hawaiian dinner shows featuring Don Ho. A report published Monday revealed that Governor Jim Edgar had received more than $460,000 in campaign contributions from out-of-state donors, raising some question as to whether the Republican was representing his constituents alone. The investigation of the Whitewater land venture, involving a failed Savings and Loan which cost taxpayers more than $60 million, has not yet proven President Clinton guilty.

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