When AT&T announced its intentions to lay off 40,000 workers, the shit really hit the fan. Those Wall Street Analysts who applauded the job trimming were pretty surprised when 40,000 AT&T workers showed up in their neighborhoods to dismantle their houses and cars in a matter of minutes. You should have seen them storm the company's headquarters. They really fucked shit up: it wasn't pretty. The thousand meter high neon acronym whitened the sky with showers of sparks as 40,000 AT&T workers dragged it from its foundations. When they sang their song in 40,000 part harmony it drove bats crazy and coastguard ships collided with oil tankers. It sure didn't take 40,000 AT&T workers long to rip down every telephone cable from Newark to New Brunswick. 40,000 is a lot of disgruntled AT&T workers, especially when compared to a leap in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of a measly 60 points. What if 40,000 angry AT&T workers got together with 3000 furious MCI employees, 5000 screaming General Motors employees, and 22,000 pissed Times-Mirror employees? They could do a lot of damage pretty quickly, especially when some of them are entitled to health care for an additional year.

I'm glad they're with us now.

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