NEWSPOEM 24 January 1996

Judy Markowitz Against Civil Rights

Hey, what happened to council member Judy Markowitz? I heard she voted against the ordinance granting legal protection to homosexuals in Bloomington even though she was strongly in favor of the ordinance when it was first proposed. Is it true that she changed her mind because she was considering running for mayor? When I went over to her house to ask her what the deal was all I found was a gigantic computer which issued the following statement on a long ribbon of newsprint:

I think we're all looking at our money when it comes to an election. What shouldn't I do what my constituents pay me to do if I feel the same way basically? I think we've got an opportunity to show we're a tolerant community, a flexible community, an opportunity community, by passing the buck. I don't think there is a clear idea. I don't think there is a complete idea. I think it came down to the legal bribery. Overwhelmingly, those I represent at this time have paid me not to vote in favor of the ordinance. I think it would divide the money. I think it would balance the two sides against each other. To have this issue divide the money that we proclaim to be our money is wrong. It sends a negative message to the rich people. I don't think any one voter has any more votes than any other voter. I think we should all have zero rights. I've been against rights all along.

Oh well, I still like her better than George Kroutil.

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