NEWSPOEM 1 FEBRUARY 1996 URBANA (Associated Poets) -- Record lows pattern the windows at New Poem Intranational. Our cars were frozen over and we stayed overnight trying to find a television station that was still on the air and failing. This morning I went out to buy us a newspaper so we could figure out what was going on in the world. The newspaper machine was filled with blank newsprint. A sign directed me to take a blank newspaper and 35 cents and write the news and deliver it to the newspaper's headquarters.




NEWSPOEM 2 FEBRUARY 1996 -- After she was found guilty, it was agreed that the criminal should be kept away from society for her own protection. So bars were built around her to keep society locked in where it would no longer be a threat to her. Society was still able to trade in narcotics and firearms but at least she was safe. Occasionally society would riot for days and military police would quell the fighting but she was safe. Society was a dnagerous place indeed but she was safe and she spent the rest of her days longing for sunlight and a breeze, which, having been implicated in society, had been locked away as well. NEWSPOEM 3 FEBRUARY 1996 -- After months of conflict, the national budget had almost been finalized and signed when it got up and left. Astonished senators and representatives and an agog President Clinton watched as months of conflict left the bargaining table and blew out the window. The budget blew through every welfare and public aid office on the Eastern Seaboard wrenching boards from the windows and blinds from the locked doors. A sudden wind caused the revolving door of a bank to spin at incredible speed and, followed by a growing cone of whirling dollars, the budget tore through the cash drawers of astonished tellers. Like a pot of gold that had been spilled, a rainbow of coins bounced off the horizon. Meanwhile, in the military, soldiers packed their footlockers, hugged each other goodbye, and went home.

NEWSPOEM 4 FEBRUARY 1996 -- Peace found on Saturn. NASA probes have confirmed that there are no weapons on Saturn. Scientists have been studying the planet carefully.

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