If you really want to sink your teeth into the heart of the matter
If you really want to worm your way to the core

If you want to pry beneath the superficial shell of skin-deep beauty
If you want to unmask the facade

You're going to have to plunge, delve, dig deep, and burrow
Down to the roots in the depths

And you'll become muscular, poor, depraved, controlled, and passionately sad
And you'll come to memorize your mundane reality
And you'll become evil, bad, and half animal

And it will hold you down, clip your wings, and anchor you
And you will stagger beneath its weight

And you'll break down, get depressed, down downers, get off, throw up, pass out, and pass away
Slowing like the low notes, sinking like the bass


(Plunge beneath the poverty level, stay high
Feet on the ground, Head in the clouds, follow your heart
And whatever is up ahead of you is up in the air)

Newspoetry at Spineless Books