NEWSPOEM 17 February 1996

An economy based on human dignity?

President Clinton offered to take Oregon flood victims out to dinner. His new economy will make dignity the basic unit of currency. Instead of working for money, Americans will be working for dignity. Sweeping changes are being made in workplaces across the country. Dignity is a funny thing. For factory workers it means having an extremely nice work environment with someone stopping by to see how the worker is feeling periodically, and to offer food and drinks and change the ashtrays. For factory owners, it means stopping by to see how their workers are doing periodically. Although nobody will be paid, it is certainly undignified to go without food or shelter, and it is quite dignified for those who have these things to offer them. The crime rate has ended as muggers are usually invited out to dinner before they can draw a weapon. There has been a rush on the education system and it is estimated that the number of schools and universities will double within a year.


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