Newspoem 29 February 1996



L day.

AP Time—Leap Day everything that normally doesn't happen did. The DOW JONES leapt so high it left the planet altogether f1itting neatly into the hole in the ozone layer leaving stockbrokers puzzled. Hilary Clinton leapt to the conclusion that, until she was able to convince the legislature to pass her Free Money bill, she would start renting out rooms in the white house and give the accumulated rent to Food not Bombs. Urbana Mayor Tod Satterthwaite leapt into action and offered back door garbage pickup for his consituents who are unwilling to drag their garbage cans to the curb once a month. I leapt over NewsPoetry Intranational's Glass Skyscraper in a single bound. Leap day was so succesful that it was announced that next year will be a leap year as well: it will be 1996 again. Nobody will age, time will stop, and humanity will leap over all hurdles and off the food chain altogether.

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