Newspoem 11 March 1996

As soon as The News got up, it called up the Stock Market to see how it was recovering from its fall the other day. The Stock Market was nervous and a little shakey and dropped the phone. The Stock Market managed to convice the News that it was fine, but had to get off the phone because the Economy was coming over with some soup. The News felt an earthquake but ignored it. The News called up 1000 people with telephones and asked them if a Dole/Powell ticket could beat a Clinton/Dole tomorrow, even though Dole isn't yet nominated, the election is months away, and Powell, so far, has the integrity not to run; but its mind kept wandering and as it absently conducted the interview it kept drawing little charts showing quantities falling over time. The charts did not demonstrate that gravity was going up. The Stock Market was its best friend.