WORON DRUGS Newspoem Editorial April 1 1996

In a society which allows kidnapping to happen and say that it is for your own good is one that needs help.

They called one of Bush’s special program facilities in which they come to your house take the patient against his will to the treatment center. Most of these kids are trying to get accepted or even to just have a kick or two on the weekend, or is a cry for help to get their yuppy parents to face the realities of today’s society. No politicians want to blame it on the American people and the internal forces, but rather blame it on the external forces, such as cutting off our supply from other countries. However I would support the idea of the government purchasing and being responsible for the drug system and cartel. If the government were to pay top dollar for all drugs coming into the country, dealers would only sell to the government because their only concern is the money. By purchasing goods that are made from homeless people, like crafts or newspapers, the profit is going to the needy so they can buy food and clothes. The moral lineage is the perfect time frame that of which I am happy to be a contemporary of. Whether or not these assumptions are false or not is not the matter at hand here.

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