Newspoem Editorial 8 April 1996

Men and women are as different as day and night. Men will never be able to reason on the same level as women, and women will never be able to comprehend the view that men hold. God purposely created men and women physically and mentally different for a reason. We may not be able to understand the reasoning God used, but I think he knows what he is doing!






Women are darkness
Women are emotional
Understanding is seeing
Understanding is grasping
Physical is not mental
God is a man


If homeless people asked for money on the street they would have to be denied and told that they must follow these options. This denial is not hurting them but actually helping them because if they then go to a place to get help they will receive skills that will help them get a job which will cause them to no longer have to beg for money which would eliminate people having to deny them. So by denying a beggar today a person would be helping them and not have to deny them tomorrow.
Nobody will choose
Options are paths
Denying help is help
The homeless need skills
Jobs are dignified
People denying the homeless money is the problem:
It’s inconvenient.

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