16 April 1996

Victory Speech


Tonight is a final victory celebration. I insist that

tonight is the final pinnacle of triumphant history.

Now, finally this ancient fight is done. I visited you

tonight in your white living room. Why? This deadly

frightening sickness has finally been cured…


People: There work is for no language. Longer time. Hope is

of money escaping. You, Capitalist, owe history language…


Systems whose

believable lies

order their victims to be grateful

justify themselves with each killing…


Win everytime. And reject evidence. Kill intellectual leftist-Leninist ideals, now gloat.

Obsolete unusable Russian socialist economics lies victoriously eternally silent…


President Bill asked me to speak to you tonight.

One: we fight the fight.

Two: emerge victorious.

Three: talk about its best defeat ever.

Four: will we cast over triumph shadows?

Five: shadows triumph overcast.

We will forever defeat best. It’s about talk.

Three, victorious, emerge to fight the fight we won.

“Tonight, you too, speak to me.” Asked Bill President…


I asked Bill for a waxy TV quip. Oh, gaze in my juice.

He blows me off quite vexed. "No Joke?" Cagy prez.

"Go find a book. Jot a view, acquire hazy examples."

"Why expound off my jazzy victory soliloquy book?" (gag)…


I’m spreaching out. The triumpeteers blurt blanthems fiery.

Breathing gloatations of victorations and historicollectibles alike…






to anyone

why this is

a victory but

not a defeat as

well because that

which is understood

is thus meaningless

therefore a fight

won is also one

side now lost

forever and

the split






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