Monday April 26


He's ordered the Energy Department to begin selling about 12 million barrels of oil from the U.S. strategic petroleum reserves.


It would be the first meeting between Arafat and Peres since the Palestinian parliament-in-exile voted last week to revoke charter clauses calling for the destruction of Israel.


The federal government has approved the first new diet pill in more than two decades.


At least a dozen divers plumbed the depths and combed the shores of the Potomac River and its Wicomico tributary near the location where Colby's overturned canoe was found yesterday by a boater.


The attorney for a 20-year-old man accused of forcing a woman to jump to her death from a Detroit bridge says they will appeal today's guilty verdict. A jury found Martell Welch guilty of second degree murder in the death of Deletha Word. The conviction carries a possible life sentence. In August 1995, Welch and Word were involved in a series of minor traffic accidents that witnesses said ended with Welch dragging Word out of her car, stripping her nearly naked and beating her. With no place to run, Word jumped to her death in the Detroit River. Welch's attorney says the jury ignored evidence that Word had been taking a hallucinogenic drug at the time of her death. But jurors said their decision was based on Welch's actions, not Word's.


Agents confiscated bags of groceries from an unidentified group visiting the ranch.


Workers are digging trenches and ripping up vegetation around buildings housing high explosives and small amounts of a radioactive isotope used to boost

the power of nuclear bombs.


A security alert was declared for the city, and officials planned to inspect all public buildings, dams, bridges and other structures for explosives.


But he refused to answer questions relating to the case, invoking his right against self-incrimination.


It says by the turn of the century a third of all American homes will be connected to an online service.



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