Tuesday May 8 NEWSPOEM

Suddenly it was history I didn’t even know it.
          fire fueled by gusting winds forced thousands to evacuate
                    the body of former CIA Director William Colby

Turn around and the U.N. criminal tribunal for former
          northern New Mexico 7,000-acre
                    Wicomico River near his weekend home

Yugoslavia opened its first war crimes trial in Holland
           25 homes in the nearby town of Lama
                    a lull in fighting in Monrovia

the notorious Omarska prison camp in northern Bosnia
          ski resort after destroying
                    the gutted and looted Liberian capital
          more than 400 firefighters
                    a heavy overnight rain

first since Nuremberg and Tokyo
           Israel has denied preliminary
                     findings of a U.N. inquiry that it deliberately targeted the camp.


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