May Newspoem

  1. Professor
    1. tenured
    2. University of Illinois
    3. Police Training Institute
    4. Gregory Connor
  2. punished
    1. must refrain from outside employment for a year
    2. "negative factors" may be used in annual salary evaluation
    3. a federal judge is examining whether federal witness-tampering rules or other laws were broken in the process
      1. Champaign lawyer Edward Rawles filed a document claiming this punishment violated the law
        1. Section 241 of the U.S. Criminal code
        2. Section 1512 of the U.S. Crimnal Code
        3. Section 1985 of the U.S. Civil Rights Act
  3. after
    1. "if we are punishing a man for testifying truthfully pursuant to a subpoena, I think that is a grievous error," said Albert Johnston, also a professor at the institute
  4. testifying
    1. in a civil rights trial
  5. against
    1. "When we have an individual that teaches police officers and then goes in and testifys against them, I don’t think that’s right," said David Madigan, the Champaign County sheriff. "I have as much right to opinions as the next guy. If I can’t express them, I think we’re in a real world of hurt."
    2. "…what kind of rapport has been established in law enforcement training?" said Rantoul Police Chief Allen Jones
  6. officer
    1. Ronald McLemore
    2. accused of using excessive force on July 4, 1990, against a teenager
      1. Chad Martin
      2. was slammed face-first into a tree breaking his nose
      3. won the civil rights case

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