23 June 1997

Drunk Guy at City Council Meeting

D next we hear from irwo schlays on the topic of government for all

W ®Tis a glorious & beautiful room to be working in

All we've heard tonight


Mr. Sattershwaite and the consul are not doing their jobs

now we've been asked many times

you people get staffs

of four five three

each one of you need a staff to

take care of some of these

continually continuing

and I don't know why they're continuing

why is it that every problem

so we can't go skiing

mudslide, why maybe we'd slide into the sangamon

go all the way down to

new orleans

right, joe?

okay, folks

when are you going to do something mr. Satterthwaite?

I heard

very good tonight

you didn't saythat tonight

So we are turning the tide

we are gonna get through

& my dear Mrs. Huth & I

are going to have many conferences on

how this thing is gonna be turned around

let's start right out there

with the east end of town

do you folks know how long those things have been nothing but pebbled roads

and before they were pebbled roads they were mud roads

and the oldest part of town

and yet when you go out there

so you can go down on glover street

get the garages ready for the school district

why didn't we go out there four miles an hour

three or four miles

why does it make a difference where you've got a garage

take the

what difference does it make?

why do you take property away from people

who can use it to advantage for this community

do you think there would be a better scholastic system here

with what we're doing for our kids by having that bus there

we're worrying about tax money

but that's the way everybody looks at it

if you each had a staff of three or four

you would be finishing. Finishing finishing

not digging deeper holes. Deeper holes

for someone to fall in

but that's the way everybody looks at it

now how are we going to get this done?

the mayor wants nothing done except what he wants done

he's not gonna do it. why should he?

a cushy job

he don't have to work

does he work?

I doubt that myself

except for his own benefit

now I don't want the rest of you people to

assume that

is a good thing for this city

because far be it from [clears throat]

it being a fact

so what am I going to get done here on this council floor

every Friday night

it's better t

what the hell does he think he's talking about

if you guys wanna know, you ask jack waller

you're not talking right

another lawyer, another lawyer

he made himself judge, jury, and prosecuting attourney

what is that called?

You've got those

People who look over things and say

What is that bureau we have here?

Oh I'm getting so old I'm starting to forget things I always used to know [pound table]

get right

joe, are you listening sir?

thank you

okay. Now. what I'm trying to get across to you

we have the building

check everything check everything

well [clears throat obscenely] my good friend you and I will walk down that railroad ditch

and see the flow see the flow

where do you see the water around town

where do you see a flow of water downtown

the sewers, but we don't see

look at the flow of water downhill

and where did it come from?

this was soapy water

going past the ballfield

on the other side of

university. East of¾ broadway

going down that and where'd it go to?

right behind the peoples' house there

where the ditch goes east

and where did it come from. Where do you think it came from?

How would you like to tell me

all the way down on the corner of lincoln and

can you imagine that?

soapy water in a ditch

can you imagine that?

these are little joking situations but

a joke has got to be compounded to make a scoundrel


D Excuse me, Mr. Ochey?


W Ma'am.


D I think that we're going to have to get the next edition at another meeting


W Thank you very much.


D Thank you. Thank you for coming.


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