The bottom 90 percent happens upon the top ten percent.

There are nine of us for every one of them.

We each own one third of a house, they each own three houses.

And they own four times as much other real estate as us.

They own ten times the bonds we do.

And they own nearly as much wealth insurance as us, which means they each have nine times as much as each of us.

And we only own three times as many autos as them: they each have three we each have one.

When Clinton took office there immediately began a transfer of wealth into the hands of the wealthiest one percent from the next wealthiest nine percent. The bottom ninety percent continued to get poorer as they had done since the sixties.

There are 200 people in a room. One of them is 24 feet tall. One of them is seven feet tall. 19 of them are 3.5 feet tall. The other 179 are four inches tall.

Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in the world, is 24 feet tall.

Steve Forbes is seven feet tall.

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