Song about Al Gore & the X-33:

To me the X-33
is a tragic travesty
Of course I'm Hewlett-Packard

A year ago Al Gore said
a 42 month contract
worth a billion dollars would
start a sparkling century

the linoleum millenium

You see the X-33
is a major mockery
but I'm rockwell international

A year ago Al Gore said
You don't have to be a rock-
et scientist to under-
stand the importance of this

you have to be a military contractor

it's a boon for private industry
it's plutonium on your lawn
it's another cut in welfare
to the wealthy and nefarious

X is a very high number

The U.S. Government is
paying Lockheed Martin eight
dollars and 27
cents a second of our money

to carry America's dreams aloft a heavy payload to dispose of them in space

I'm afraid I disagree
It sounds pretty good to me
Like sweet serendipity
to us at Lockheed Martin


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