"All the News
That Rhymes"

The Daily Poem


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 Iraq goes around the corner on two wheels. Someone leans out of the United States' window and begins firing. Kuwait gets drunk and falls down the stairs. France coughs phlegm out the window into the Mediterranean.

English-speaking countries look up from their pints and nod vaguely, muttering promises of military splendor. China frowns and Russia growls. Israel cocks a loaded shotgun.

In America, those in the backseat are getting sick and starting to complain.

Iraq draws its cape across its face and disappears in a cloud of sand. The phone is ringing but Kuwait cannot answer it. France curses and throws the bottle in the corner. America has donned its hat and is about to spur its horse off into the sunset when it remembers the elections. Nicaragua smiles knowingly. Mexico calls the cops to complain about the noisy upstairs neighbors. Canada stares into the mirror repeating "I am not American I am not American." Iraq cackles. In the backseat they have a bullhorn and they are chanting. A penguin steps off Antarctica.

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