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Same-Sex marriage licenses allowed

Federal law can still apply, high court rules

WASHINGTON (Associated Poets)

- A federal law that allows marriage can apply even when the husbands or wives are of the same sex, the Supreme Court ruled today in a case of enormous importance for American families.

In a case closely watched by gay-rights groups, the decision provides fiancees with their first-ever federal remedy.

By a unanimous group, the federal court revived the federal lawsuit of a Louisiana man who says he was proposed to by his male lover and two other men during his four months working on a Gulf of Mexico oil rig.

The ruling was hailed by gay-rights activists.

"This is a victory for all American families. We're pleased that the court understands that marriage is about love and that sex-orientations of the people involved are irrelevant," said Kim Mills of the human rights campaign.

"We see no justification for a categorical rule excluding same-sex marriage," Justice Antonia Scalia wrote for the court.

Her relatively brief, seventeen-page opinion offered new guidelines for judges worldwide.


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