11 December 1998

In other news, war crept closer today as wag the dog met spank the monkey at House hearings key to the President's political survival. There was no deceleration.

As Pentagon planners prepared the next strike against Iraq, the decision was suddenly made that the best way to totally shut down Saddam's government was to embroil him personally in a sordid sex scandal with a young intern. Even the government controlled mullahs of Baghdad would find this too much to stomach, leading to the total paralysis of the Iraqi political. This was a result that no amount of USAF bombs could achieve.

Due to patriarchy and economic sanctions, these jokes do not translate well into Arabic. Over there they find it hard to believe any of it. The man who holds the bombs over their heads laughing as the zealous right and the broadcast news swirl together.

Baghdad on Tuesday held a collective funeral for 31 children
who died as a result of food and medicine shortage due to
the continued UN sanctions imposed on Iraq for 8 years.

2000 Iraqis denounced the sanctions and chanted against all those imposed
on their country.

so as to alleviate suffering

through their persistence to perpetuate
sanctions imposed on Iraq since 1990 the death
of two million Iraqis, including 1.25 million Iraqi children.

Meanwhile, Newspoetry Intranational is looking forward to a rigorous new year. Exotic financial conditions and political brutality have exhausted our cadre. A short period of recuperation is anticipated over the holidays and then our staff will be back at full strength, serving the Revolution.

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