19 December 1998

Associated Poets Evening News

with Anne Bargar and William Gillespie

William: Good evening. Today Clinton was impeached and ceased the bombing of Iraq. Thursday William Gaddis died at age 75. Yesterday was the Unknown's day on the CTA.

Anne: We now go to our poet on the street, who has made a valient effort to come to us with the latest breaking poem.

Anne: (on the street) It came to me as a complete surprise, this Iraq thing, caught up in my own life as I have been. I knew about the probability of this whole impeachment inanity. It had been the only thing in the news for so long that I barely noticed when I didn't listen. But then I thought for about two seconds, and it made complete and total sense. We knew that since the forces were there, they were going to be used. Walking around the corner in the back of the restaurant, I heard the news. We stood by, respectively, the sink, worktable, and register; as we found out that the Republican Party had outlawed consenual sex as they had outlawed the poor.

Back to you, William.

William: This is indeed a weird moment in history. What with the death of Gaddis and all.


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