Static of Baghdad

does the cocktail pianist strafe the piano full of smoking holes?
the screaming will again dissolve in static, noise = too much information
the language to describe these catastrophes, these deaths, is written with an alphabet unfamiliar to us
the music likewise does not sound like a language to us; unfamiliar scales, alphabets. we tear out the pages we cannot read
whatever sentiment is illegible and unintelligible to us. the word for chemical weapon is different, we would not be able to tell it from the word for "grandmother" or "hospital"
Bush pronounced Saddam Saddam. They are two different words. One denotes royalty, the other peasantry. How did Bush pronounce the word when it referred to our ally, ruthless dictator notwithstanding
strangers in a night lit by pinpoint accuracy
an eye for an eye. one eye for the other eye. they are our eyes.
write a letter to a congressperson, a letter from another alphabet. the twentyseventh letter. write them something they had been unable to think before you did
everytime you scream and shout it sounds like harmony
for example, this is a better country to homosexuals and women, if you can imagine a worse country
if you can imagine it noon in the desert and perfectly dark and starving men weeping in a marketplace without water, if you can imagine unbelievable prosperity stolen by its own marketplace, if you can watch the evening news seeing only that which is not shown, if you can imagine pinpoint accuracy of the cameras not the bombs
selfappointed middlemanagement of the world
there is a certain ineluctable machinery, there is this human nature, there is inevitable justice, there is an invisible hand, there has to be an invisible sun, we are the world, we are
so it tells us
or a world in which depletable resources are, simply, not resources
a world without women, men, veils, ties
in which language is purified by water, wind
people become excited when they find an old Pepsi can, proof of the otherwise unbelievable history before the rise of the cogs
the piano shoots first
the pianist will learn to speak in the key
the A major alphabet: A C E F H J L M
and in A minor he learns to speak as well:
it is now midnight and the marketplace is lit by flickering clouds and noise
they line up with uncrumpled papercups where the gutter drips in the smoke
a world when
bullets are so rare nobody would ever dream of firing
people are so valuable nobody would even dream of
the individual nations are as valuable as the minutes on the clock
the sun passes through each every day, horizon denotes a movement
there are piccolos in the treetops and tubas in the woods at night
there is interesting food and thus language
wake up tomorrow determined not to bomb anything, determined, absolutely determined
remember, too, that everything you write comes true and is delicious
remember to write
wake up or determine anything, determine, absolutely determine that everything you write comes true and is
tomorrow wake up and discover that this is your world and was all along (at the forum he said democracy was a state when the poor, getting the upper hand, kill of the aristocrats and divide up their wealth, usually by drawing lots, it is when a mountain of confusion accumulates the first pebble, and a garden grows wild around the first petal: speech), climb the garden, wander the mountain
what kind of times are these?
when are these times kind ?
elect yourself, select
now, here
i see a nation and i want to paint it black
no cultures anymore i want them to turn black
i caught myself walking into worldwarthree
and now for the showdown in the gulf. no footage of tonight's bombing is available and so our network is offering reruns of 1991. right back after this message from Nike: just do it
we are the world
they are the world
you are the world
she... are the world
we are the world
let's do it tomorrow
last night

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