"All the News That's Iambic Pentameter"

The Daily Poem

Weather: tolerable

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The shriek of the old car door
sounds like an Iraqi child.

Better put some WD-40 on it.

The clicking of the oil can
sounds like someone swallowing
someone who has not any water to drink today.

Must be empty better throw it away.

The smell of the kitchen garbage
makes you think about being out of work,
evicted, and hunting through dumpsters
for a half-eaten sandwich.

Better take the trash out.

As you unwrap the leftover half-sandwich from the refrigerator
the crinkle of the plastic sounds like a one-cent piece of nylon
being assembled into a pair of $100 shoes
by a twelve-year-old
being paid twenty-five cents an hour.

The sandwich tastes like water
purification tablets, open
sores, and sand.

Better put some mustard on it.

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