The Ventriloquist's Administration

by William Gillespie

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1979: the Nicaraguan Revolution
Sandanistas drew up a beautiful new constitution
It would have been the beginning of a peaceful era cause
They were free from business interests in US America
So an army called the contras for more than eight years
Terrorized Nicaraguans with violence and fears
And this piece of a story is just a tiny sample
Of how the U.S. will kill the threat of any good example

Let's remember an important part of this:
The contras weren't Nicaraguan, they were an artifice
Napalm defoliation, peasant relocation
U.S. fund allocation from negotiation
With Iranian leaders bent on militarization
Exterminations assassinations
The ventriloquist's administration

The celebrated Mr. Kite, Paul is on the bass, he's
Here to help me tell you bout a spook named William Casey's
A businessman who made a million on the stock exchange
He helped to finance and manage Ronald Reagan's campaign
And this to ensure Reagan's inauguration
Which in turn ensured Casey's own nomination
As George Bush's successor as CIA director
And into this haunted white house came this investor spectre

The U.S. had had an ally in the Shah of Iran
But Khomeini threw him out and to America he ran
The Ayatollah wanted the Shah's head on a plate
And so he seized hostages from the United States
Check out the history because you're gonna be amazed
They arranged to have the hostages' release...
delayed. Until Reagan's inauguration day
And underneath President Jimmy Carter's eyes
They thus engineered the October surprise

Much later Iran could not resist the seduction
Of another fast buck from a U.S. abduction
They started seizing Americans from Lebanon
And writing ransom notes straight to the Pentagon
For five missile shipments they sent one hostage back
Hold your breath: William Buckley was tortured to death
But I'm ahead of myself that interrogation
Happens later on in the ventriloquist's administration

New President Reagan, ventriloquist's dummy
Handed out cigars rolled in treasury money
On the puppeteer's knee he mouthed his stated goal
Was to keep the contras alive in body and soul
"The moral equivalent of our founding fathers"
The puppet aptly dubbed the nicaraguan slaughterers
And tossed back a trilliondollar jellybean, red
200 thousand Central Americans dead

George Bush earned a flying cross in world war 2
Got a degree in economics from yale too
He made an ol' fortune and entered politics
A texas congressman in 1966
As CIA director he learned how to cover it
Up: he became an architect of secret government
Later he would wave a bag of crack on TV
Declaring war on the drugs he imported as VP

We're Willy G and Paul K we're rapping and we're regal
And the rest of what happened was completely illegal
Because congress passed the Boland amendment
Outlawing aid to the contras, they wanted 'em to end it
I guess congress didn't find mining harbors covert
enough. Or didn't want to pay for people getting hurt.
And they didn't okay exporting missiles to Iran
For hostages. They weren't stupid, man.

From now on the ventriloquist never gave the puppet
Any lines to say for fear that he would flub it
The dummy sat on his knee on T.V.with silent lip
The ventriloquist shredded every punchline and script
He obstructed justice by destroying all the evidence, he
Never told the dummy, who occupied the presidency
"I would never have approved that if you'd asked me"
Quoth the puppeteer: "that's deniability."

MC Willy G Ph.D. holding forth
Rappin' bout my homeboy Oliver North
He maybe did it out of love for the US of A
But he tucked away twenty K along the way
And maybe he wanted the world to be fairer
But the war of the contras was a dirty war of terror
And maybe he thought that that was flour in that plane
But his secretary: she was whacked on cocaine

Fawn Hall, November 21st, 86
Shredded a pile of jokes a foot and a half thick
The shredder jammed, split its seams, she began eating
While reading while eating while eating while reading
She dreamt of Sumatra and dating a contra
Wished she were an actress recited a mantra
She couldn't get reliable blow in D.C.
So last I heard she got a job with network T.V.

Which brings us to the story of Willy the Kid
The Arkansas governor who hid the things that he did
A cowboy who made a sweet real estate deal
And took from the taxpayers all he could steal
And an Arkansas airfield north of Mena
What this means is obscene I'm getting sick I'm turning green
That Clinton was elected was suspicious enough
Because nobody thought he was presidential stuff

So arms were sold to Iran, lots of money was made
For contras to keep Nicaraguans afraid
With assassination manuals and CIA-trained killers
And Nazi torture methods for the contra guerrillas
Lots of people got rich lots of people lied
Americans gave speeches, Nicaraguans died
And load after load of South American cocaine
Flew into Arkansas in a CIA plane

All that cocaine was converted to crack
And sold to crips and bloods in parts of L.A. that were black
And now we have an epidemic and the war on drugs
When in fact that crack was packed in planes by government thugs
And the so-called war on drugs is a war on civilians
To pack us into prisons and keep them making millions
Because the fewer poor people there are on the street
The sweeter the street for the economic elite

We're Willy G and Paul K we're white disgusted and broke
We can't handle this scandal, it's like a big bad joke
We're astute, I'm wearing a suit, Paul's cute
Like the Christic Institute we can't afford a lawsuit
We're fresh like coffee, welcome like a doormat
And to this end append in proper MLA format
No works cited page cause we're too enraged
We're not polka Christian metal punk or new age

Except to thank Barbara Trent for some films that we went
To. And Gary Webb, whom you can read on the web
or CD-ROM or visit but not at
And read Terry Reed, he's alarming indeed
I got the deffest rhymes I read the New York Times
Paul's reads the Nation and has funky syncopation
We're educated, opinionated, sick of being Watergated
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