21 January 1999
Dan Silver, Mike Lehman, and William Gillespie

Newspoetry Y2K Preparedness

after the inevitable horrifying Y2K apocalypse
poetry will become impractical
after the run on the office supply stores
you will run out of paper
you'll need that paper for writing
for rolling cigarettes
and for wiping your ass
you won't want to waste it on line
first the run on the banks
take all that money
$200 a person, cash
in the entire country
try to keep warm
by burning it when the pipelines
don't work anymore
the end of the world
that is so weird
how could that be
the panic the fear the why
how could let these tools be so necessary
how could we be dependent
i got 3 manual typewriters and a box of ribbons
hidden in my bunker


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