27 January 1999

Bus Late

"Where do you send prisoners who fail their drug tests anyway?"
"I don't want to know."
"I do."
"What time is that bus supposed to get here?"
"Hey did you read this article in section D about how U.N. weapons inspectors may have been planting electronic surveillance on behalf of U.S. intelligence?"
"So that's a violation of United Nations regulations. The bombings on Iraq were supposedly because they refused to admit weapons inspectors. If the weapons inspectors were spies, then Iraq was justified in not admitting them. Which means that the U.S. is not justified in continuing the bombings."
"I can't think about that right now."
"Michael Jordan is retiring. Again."
"Were they going to impeach him?"
"Are you kidding? He was on one of the most powerful ball clubs in the world."
"Did you hear about Danny Williams?"
"Clinton's alleged illegitimate son?"
"Yeah. Now I guess that, whether the DNA tests are positive or not, a bunch of Republican congresspeople with illegitimate children will resign out of shame."
"They should leave Clinton alone. I'm worried about Iraq."


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