12 February 1999


In 1998, 171,154 foreigners were deported. Up 50% from 1997.

100,000 was caught with a gram of low-grade marijuana and sent back to Cuernavaca.
70,000 ran a stop sign and was sent back to Arandas.
1000 heard a sharp knock on the door at 11 PM.
100 was apprehended playing guitar on Michigan Avenue without the proper license.
50 was salsa dancing at a party at a friend's house when the cops arrived.
4 was trying to sleep under a park bench in the rain.

None of them were arrested during a workplace raid
or deported on their bosses' time.

This is an indication that our economy is healthy.

The deportation rate is increasing and has been.
As is and has the number of illegal aliens.
We have more than 5 million illegal brothers and sisters.

Next time you eat out, follow your dishes when they are taken away.


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