16 February 1999

Hear William read it live on WEFT Champaign...

Scott don't write me no newspomes no more

Maybe's cause Chicago the new murder capital of America
Maybe's cause new fences on Wacker keep homeless people off the warm grates
Maybe's cause they found a submerged experimental fuel tank in Lake Michigan
Maybe's he's working on Bobby Rush's campaign
Or going to New Zealand with Carol Mosely-Braun

Fact is some of these young poets
Out on that internet
Don't believe Scott ever done been a Newspoet
They's all writing language pomes
They say narrative dead

They say: Scott.
He that guy from that Unknown
Not that poet the other one

Well I say: Ol' Rettberg show
You what's what
Any day now
He gonna right me a real good pome

You see


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