23 February 1999

News Good

Good day this was. Pakistan and India agreed on a no-first-use nuclear weapons policy and talked serious peace. A hopeful move for these adjacent nuclear powers. Madeline Albright said that NATO would not bomb Kosovo in the event that both sides didn't agree to the peace settlement (which I guess means that if Yugoslavia and the Serbs agree to stop repressing the independence of the province of Kosovo, but the province of Kosovo DOES NOT agree to have their independence no longer repressed, then we will go ahead and bomb Yugoslavia anyway. Nothing like a first strike to end suffering in the world. Also, the army has announced that (for 300 million dollars) it is going to have 1200 tons of VX nerve gas (the deadliest substance known to man (according to AP it is not the deadliest substance known to women (so perhaps they are immune))) stored in Indiana (100 miles from the headquarters of Newspoetry Intranational) converted (by 2006) into salt and water (which are good for you). I say without any sarcasm that, as the world's leader, it is about time that we sent a clear message to the other countries of the world by ceasing stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction. In an article about Iraq I read on the ABC News site, one of the possibilities being considered was not to launch an offensive military assault against the tiny rogue state, as we have not done against North Korea for 45 years.

Peace is breaking out all over.


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