27 February 1999

Peanuts in Iraq

As business continues at a slow, impoverished, jaded pace in Baghdad; Peanuts' Charlie Brown smiles and waves from his jeep.

Linus is seen here giving Evian bottled water to malnourished children.

In a ruined hospital, Lucy, waist deep in raw sewage, is happily shoveling shit into wheelbarrows in a slow process in the hope of a restored sewer system.

Schroeder is seen here giving a performance of Beethoven's 1st Piano Sonata (op.2 No .1) in a mosque in a concert (simultaneously rebroadcast on CNN and the Cartoon Network) to raise money for a new orphanage.

Snoopy frolics on the shores of the Persian Gulf as a handful of volunteer environmental workers try to clean up the damage caused by petrochemicals.

"Good Grief, there's no food or water or medicine!" exclaims Pig-Pen from beneath a scarf worn across his mouth to protect him from the harsh sandstorm.

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