8 March 1999


You have insufficient funds
to complete that last transaction. Don't
get me wrong: you're still alive.
You have no money but you 
are still alive: the irony.
Time, lots of it.

Now you sit on the bank,
watching a river of money rush
by. Friends grow older.
They buy cars or houses and age 
ten years at a time, surfing
downstream on a flood
of money.

Look at the way the money
forms whirlpools:
some of those dollars aren't even being 
spent and yet the river flows
whispering paper winking coins

Don't get older. Look
at it this way: it's
not real. Someday rich
people may discover
this. You are who,
not how much,
you are when now.

You could always float
downstream on plastic. You
could sell your records.
Please contact your
financial institution: tell 
them that soon the top hats
will be overturned,
men in tuxedos asking for 
change while those
accustomed to getting by
continue an uninterrupted life

& flowers still come up.


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