16 March 1999
Katie Gilli[g]an & William Gillespie
from: katie 
to: william 

hand off the tylenol to the next in line take me and pass it on my coworkers on a trip to new guinea terrifying no toilet paper or billboards only muddy holes in the dirt roads that would drown toddlers and midgets. the stephen king book i'm listening to explores an alternate world a few degrees from ours where the humans in topeka and other cities are all killed by some flu plague, the little enemies and where would be the place for paintings then somehow would my blood be happier fighting for survival then typing new data into a computer hour after hour like an enslaved chicken dropping the eggs baby i eat one with salt microbes within take it into their gang, break it with gang members pain, mystery, ever present smell. use it till it's dead drive it till it collapses the strong or the ignorant come back for more commercials to induce depressed people to commit suicide commercials to convince children to put sugar in everyone's 
gas tanks 
antisocial behavior frowned upon  
cubicles open 
image of the time icon of hourglass all depending on sand. sand finite time infinite life lies between waves of infinity like quantum physics particle is everywhere in wave form then singular particle when observed then wave again. no wonder people believe they are being watched.  

to: katie 
from: william 

last night, for the 7th night in a row, i dreamed of building web pages. i am organizing all my childhood traumas into a directory tree. also, though, last night i dreamed that i and some friends were trying to sell the haunted mansion i've been having nightmares in for years. we had turned all the lights on and were showing it to prospective tenants: "this stairway dead-ends, that's a trunk full of mouldering trash from the 1800's, this floor is haunted..." maybe this means i'm going to sell this property off into someone else's nightmares and spend all my nights working full time... 

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