10 April 1999

People still unaware end of world imminent

The nuclear freeze movement was born
Treaties were proposed, drafted, signed
International law was established
And international governing bodies were assembled
The draft ended
Finally the Berlin wall and the Iron Curtain fell,
The Cold War ended and people looked to a peaceful second millenium,
A history without war

But Nicaragua

People protested at home and abroad
And the newspapers became lists of our atrocities
Until even the headlines seemed ashamed

The domestic propaganda machine spun its wheels
Against an ever more enlightened populus
but Kosovo

Italy was furious, Russia threatening,
Europe started to whisper fearfully in
Rooms unbugged by the C.I.A.
And our allies wondered which would be our next enemy.

And a millenium that encapsulated
Most of history drew to a close.

From Panama City to Belgrade, the end of the cold war has meant the transition from covert to overt

From 1991 to 2000,
Opportunities for peace were revealed as
Opportunities for domination.

I heard on the radio this morning that the left lacks a utopian vision. Some guy wrote a book about it. Not about a utopian vision, mind you, but the lack thereof.

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