26 May 1999

Accidents Happen
A Select History of Ethnic Cleansing

April 5th: 560 pounds of garbage missed the dump and were scattered. 17 important paintings were destroyed when an attempt to rewire the museum with a lighting system believed to be less destructive to the paintings caused a fire shortly after it was installed.

April 9: An attempt to fire striking telephone workers led to decreased service and a loss of revenue causing the company to go under.

April 12: Missiles aimed at a bridge mistakenly hit a train crossing the bridge killing 55.

April 14: Police killed 75 innocent people who had been misidentified.

April 28: 20 AIDS victims were killed by a new experimental cure.

May 1:Bombs dropped on a bridge mistakenly hit a bus crossing the bridge killing 47. 

May 7: A firetruck's gasoline tank exploded, burning down the fire station with 85 firemen trapped inside.

May 8: 

Red .

They are parading down Green Street, turning onto 6th. They have banners, but are not orienting them properly, so they are facing the storefronts and I cannot see the words. 

Yellow .

They are protesting. Protesting NATO. Did NATO bomb a Chinese embassy? This is the largest protest I have seen in a while. A parade. Signs calling for NATO to stop. Slogans. Everything printed, meticulous.

Green .

It is time to put my car into gear now, and I cannot read any more of their signs. I feel slow and detached. Moving through a traffic of indifference, this congested avenue of information. 

Friday, May 13th: 100 rosebushes were destroyed in an attempt to weed a garden using 8 cluster bombs dropped from 10,000 feet. 

May 20: A Swedish ambassador's home was destroyed when a nearby hospital was hit by a bomb dropped in an attempt to ease suffering and stabilize a war-torn region.

May 21: A Kosovo Liberation Army base was bombed by mistake, 7 dead, 25 injured. After bombing his enemies' enemies' base, Clinton made the day complete and bombed his enemy's prison, killing many of his enemy's political prisoners. The windows of the Swiss ambassador's private residence were shattered, ensuring uneasy relations with one of Europe's leading financial powers. 

May 22: Due to unexploded bombs dumped into the Adriatic by NATO warplanes, Italian fishermen are no longer able to fish without risking their life. And they are not able to not fish without risking their livelihood. 

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