Newspoem 8 June 1999

Variations on the New York Times

1. Civilians are Slain in Military Attack on a Kosovo Road

(Filter: Diastics)

Civilians fire Government officials warplanes Albanian broadcast civlians civilians

And produce the

Spokesman Clark that alliance errant

Imposed on

Monday hit pilots civlians first Belgrade tractors military

And statement interview retaliated attacking attack

of and


Kukes border Washington Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo

Raping women leading roadside

II. Stab Here

(filter: implied & embedded words, repetitions deleted)

bingo stab zing ring sin it ate sand rope jest one
so USA oops pen lion doll din or kin ying cure ace
cyan dim rove deco art do arch sat tack dare ale tin
over vein sick king ash the reign capital voting ear reside
Slob lose mace read pin wit hun reds US out and roar our is leak
sum beach

{NY Times A section 15 April 1999}


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