19 July 1999
Anne Bargar, William Gillespie, & the Fifth Column


We stand out in the sun and make noise, trying to prevent people from becoming unemployment statistics.

Goodbye SUPERVALU, 405 hours + $8,792 severance. Thank you.
Goodbye SUPERVALU, may your hatchetface labor negotiator break the next mirror he glances in.
Goodbye SUPERVALU, may all your refrigerators short out and fill your homes
with the stench of rotting groceries.
Goodbye SUPERVALU, I'll take my aching back and leave you your awful software.
Goodbye SUPERVALU, your Inhuman Resources Department
Goodbye SUPERVALU, it's lonely out there for workers if you don't stick together,
and you're gonna get lonely too. You're gonna miss us despite yourself.
Goodbye SUPERVALU, sorry but I left a lot of unfinished work in my inbox,
I never got a chance to explain it to the new guy. It's gonna throw him for a loop.
Goodbye SUPERVALU, they ought to put a clown with the guards at the front gate,
to pass out balloons.
Goodbye SUPERVALU, the circus you are running.
instead of one of the top grocery trucking departments in the world
Goodbye SUPERVALU, that giant sucking sound you hear
is the sound of our jobs


going down the drain.

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