13 August 1999

The Angry Cow illness Announced in France

PARIS (Associated Poets) - A new case of the illness of the furious cow has been brought back in France, civil servants said Friday, bringing to 16 the number of cases detected this year.

A cow of milk in the central region of Puy-Of-Dome has been proven to have arrived to the illness, also known under the name of encephalopathy of spongiform of bovine.

The herd of the farm of 40 cattle will be cut down this weekend, authorities said.

Since 1990 65 cases of encephalopathy of the bovine spongiform have been brought back in France.

The illness causes holes in the brain, while doing the shaky pace of livestock and slobber. There is no known processing.

The scientists believe that the insane disease of cow could be joined to a mortal human evil of the also fatal human brain, the disease of Creutzfeldt-Jakob.

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