26 August 1999

Q: In the wake of Benjamin Smith, the cities of Urbana and Champaign voted on a hate-crime resolution: "a resolution expressing outrage at and our community's response to recent hate crimes." The resolution, effectively, said that the city disapproved of hate crimes. It passed in Urbana. It barely passed in Champaign. All it was was a thing that said "we think hate crimes are bad." Why did so many people vote against it?

A: According to the Chicago Tribune 25 August 99:

Advocates seek hate laws but can't prove they work

Critics say they [hate-crime laws] would create new classes of victims, especially homosexuals. Even in states that have enacted such laws, opponents have sought to exclude sexual orientation as a category. Sidestepping the issue, 19 state laws do not mention sexual preference. [in their hate-crime laws]

George Bush Junior opposes all such laws because:
"All crime is hate crime."

Newspoetry Algebra

all crime =

drug use =

drug use =

hate crime

hate crime

killing Jews
.      .

Bush Junior =

a Nazi

Milosevic / Nixon in 2000

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