28 August 1999

tenant news

Urbana (Associated Poets)
After reports of
racial discrimination by

white tenants against
African American neighbors
a concerned individual

was informed those
African American neighbors
had been arrested.

After being viciously
racially and sexually
insulted by neighbors

the African American
tenants were jailed
for racial violence.

The elderly woman
supposedly threw a
stick at her

neighbor. Though the
woman, who is
asthmatic, denies this.

This woman had
phoned the police
herself many times.

Those complaints were
never responded to.
But when her

white neighbor called
the police, they
arrested the woman.

Inquiries by the
concerned individual revealed
her felony charges

were reduced to
misdemeanor charges.
She was released.

The police didn't
reveal who had
reported the complaint

Against her: "Victim"
information is confidential.
The property is

a large complex
in southeast Urbana...
Don't live there.

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