1 November 1999

Love Poem 990

To those I never knew:

Flailing failing falling
Into the spread of darkness
Angel with a broken wing
Falling to Heaven

Send me your last happy moment
A cassette tape of you crying on your last birthday
Send me your carryon

Send me a photograph from your wallet
A lozenge halfdissolved
Send me a strand of hair

Send a manuscript and SASE
Send me an airport postcard
Or a video resume

Send me a broken haircomb
Or a used tampon
Or condom

Send me a fingerprint
Or a shred of kleenex
A cigarette butt

Send me something
To imagine you by
A pillowcase with a hole in it

Send me a wet passport
Send me your thumb
Or ear

Send me a page torn from your diary
Ringed with a coffeestain
Send me a shoelace or eyelash

Send me something
To let me know I'm
Imagining things

Send me a falling star:
& I will wish for you.

Newspoetry by William at Spineless Books