10 November 1999


I'm sure you can draw a conclusion by the debris we've been bringing in, which is fragmented. We are obviously thrilled to have quickly coalesced a world class board around our popular technology. We are looking forward to leveraging the assets and strengths of our new board as we release the next generation of our products. We don't give this information out to people over the phone. We are in control of the technology, and we don't want to engage in germline gene therapy. We are not a zoo. We cannot sit idly and wait for the whole process to be solved somehow magically. We knew if we did that, we would be crucified by the federal government. We remain entirely skeptical about their intention to ever implement the agreement and bring about a devolution of power. I am deeply committed to an aggressive, forward-looking space program, a space program that dares to push the limits of the heavens. I need each and every one of you. We still need a good privatization plan. It will be expensive for the first few years but we think that by perhaps by 2015 it could drop down to roughly US $20,000 US for a couple to come up for a week, which would include transportation. Such violence shakes the foundations of all institutions and disrupts the fabric of our society. This is called justice. The consequences of a referendum, whatever the outcome, we will accept. We followed the rules. They'll have to live with it. There's humility in winning, but we are living it up right now. History will show we were right. Much as we'd like to believe it, we can't live without the bomb.

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