29 November 1999

WTO Protest Stickers

ields Tyrranical Overule


We Want Trade Only
Workers're Treated Okay


Won't Trade Openly


Well-Intentioned Tyranny Overall


We Tolerate Oppresion


WallStreet Tentacled Octopus


Wackos Trading Orangutans


World Thrown Overboard


Will Think Oppression


Why Talkit Over?


Why Take Offense?


We Trample On


We Take Over


World Trade Oligarchy


We'll Take Over


Willingly Tolerating Oppression


Willingly Trading Oppression


Wackos Think Okay


What To Obliterate?


Wantonly Testing Obliviousness


Weasles Taking Options


Wretched Tyrannical Oppression


Whithering True Options


Won't Take Off


World Trade Oppressors


Way Too Obvious


Wild Tyrannical Onslaught


Wasichu Talk On


Wild Trade Orgasm


Wash This Off


Wet Turd Omelette


Willingly Told Off


Who's The Omnivore?


Wrecking Turtle Obliteration


Wiping Trees Out


Wild Things Oppose


We'll Think/Oppose


World's Trees? Ouch!


Wrong! Totalitarian! Oppressive!


Warlike Trade Organization


Wiley Trial Overlords


Wise Think Otherwise


We Think Otherwise


Wiley Thugs Overendowed


Whither Tolerant Overlords?


Whoever Thought Otherwise?


Willie Tattled Obliquely


Wages Trickle Out


Wigged (Totally) Out


Wing-Tip Octopus


We're Tired Of


Wrung Totally Out


Will Torture Overtly


Wiggin' Truck Owners


Wild Triptiphan Otter

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