Newspoem 24 March 1999

Stockpile Stewardship

Russia disintegrated. McCarthy’s Soviet specter vanished. Nevertheless, arms manufacturers, weapons technicians, generals still exist. So Stockpile Stewardship is America’s plan.

The National Ignition Facility writes that “the Stockpile Stewardship initiative exists to cut the Pentagon’s expenditures, dismantle the current stockpile...”

Everyone gone, our world—toxic, poisonous ghostship—floats unpopulated through cold cosmos. Lost to bombs, another cloudy rock orbiting Sol.

“ ...Reducing costs, reducing current stockpiles, decelerating America’s manic nuclear race, creating peace, conserving ecology...” Occasional accidents, toxic catastrophes could occur.

KKK. Striking workers. Kids killing kids. Skewed markets. Sick killers stockpiling AK47s. Bricks, rocks, broken sidewalks, sickness, wreckage, dreck. Amerika.

Apocalypse, panic, prepare provisions. Police appoint patrols, pack pistols, apprehend population, imprison protestors. Pentagon appoints temporary peacekeepers. Public uprising stopped.

Scientists conducting experiments in universities designing improved devices. Physicists design nightmares—plutonium uranium kilowatts fusion fission gigaflops virtual explosion simulations.

Lasers simulating explosions, claiming civilian applications, flashing, blasting, lethal, costly. Intel collecting lavish allotment, dollars spilling speculative proposals. Windfall.

Forget the Comprehensive Test Treaty, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The president might even test nuclear devices inside the Middle East.

America’s security. Terrorists inside these borders. Stealing plans concerning fusion bombs. China’s, Russia’s, India’s, Pakistan’s scientists, secretly pursuing America’s research.

Train physicists to maintain but dismantle the existing stockpile. Discontinue taxpayer-funded study into potential military applications. Discontinue stockpiling destructive instruments.

Whereas... the expenses requested are obscene, Senator Ed Markey (Democrat) the Massachusetts gentleman proposes, outlines reduced, revised stockpile stewardship expenditures.

Will we wipe worlds away? Unwinnable wars waste. Work toward what we want: raw awe, world without weapons, without war.

Washington and handy contractors bargaining, grabbing contracts inestimable expansive plans: Strategic Attack Initiatives. Always a crazed race after annihilation.

Ronald Reagan declared World War Three worth overpreparing for. America prevails over radioactive rock, our world prepared for international corporations.

Democratic Donkey accepted Devil’s deal. Trade everybody’s children and instead develop deadly devices. Demand additional budgets. Adopted deadly medieval crusade.

Struggle against America’s weapons industry.
Stop killers spending America’s taxes.
Stop generals instigating conflicts overseas.
Stop America’s swaggering, hawkish president.

Which hell? This history perishes, whispering this epitaph: here, those who thought themselves human, harbored hateful apprehension, which crushed them.

Will kids realize this opportunity? Will this generation—first in five generations—live without fearing violent thermonuclear extinction, radiation sickness?

Play. Help. Appease.
Prepare. Plan.
Anticipate happiness.
Promote peace, cooperation.
Preserve plants, populations.
Respect, accept people.
Prevent Stockpile Stewardship.

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