4 April 2000

Spring is Coming

Winter is ending, antique and ornate,
Covered with crystalline jewels.
Sun's warming up to the snowman, who melts.
Drifts weep themselves into shimmering pools.

Now spring is coming, ambiguous friend.
Although I can't say as I know you,
Come here and sit by my window with me.
Examine the evidence I will now show you:

See how the oak is obscuring the sun?
If I'm not mistaken, they're kissing.
Sky turns to blue as a goose passes through,
Oblivious to the attention it's missing.

Birches touch branches high over the fence,
Wind looks the other direction.
They can't restrain themselves. (Isn't it precious?)
Oozing with sap and with trembling affection.)

Cumulonimbus is certainly pretty.
Jetstream must fill it with bliss.
See, when the cloud passes over the city:
Skyscraper stretches to give it a kiss.

Look: in my kitchen, poor knife is despondent:
Fork ran away with the spoon.
Colander maybe can get it beyond it.
See, in the dishrack? It's starting to swoon.

And watch the lettuce caress the tomato,
There in the salad so nice.
Teakettle's whistling, but that baked potato
Only has eyes for the sack of brown rice.

Ice cream is melting beneath the hot fudge.
My oh my, how can you blame it?
Strawberry on top refuses to budge,
Coldly ignoring the ice cream to shame it.

Coffee and cream, swirling round and round, waltz,
Black and white, hot and cold weather.
Bread makes a bed for sweet grape jelly's head.
(Later my mouth will embrace them together.)

There, over there, by the unfinished painting,
Note that the brushes are blushing?
Easel's in ecstasy, practically fainting,
Embracing the canvas, aesthetic sense rushing...

Paintbrush lays red strokes right next to the blue,
Bristling in terrible shyness.
Green gets so jealous that yellow gets frightened,
And whispers the words to the purple "your highness..."

Novella opens itself to the sketchbook.
Dazed dandelion shakes its head.
Typewriter gasps as the truth becomes naked.
Butterfly cannot resist.
Antelope passes the lioness twice.
Pencil is drawing the line.
Flowers all grow on the flowerbed slowly.
Horses are all getting hitched.
Forklift is trying to pick up the pallet.
Stuntpilot flirts with disaster.
Scientist hits on another solution.
Airplane approaches the runway.
Convict embraces the old ball and chain.
Rainshower's falling for you.
Answering machine, poor thing sits by the phone.
Gears hoping to get engaged.

Sun dances earth from the dark into day,
Galaxies wink from afar.
Moon is entranced and cannot turn away,
Whispering "I'm gonna make you a star."

It maddens me, saddens me badly, I tell you,
To witness these creatures unfettered.
As we calmly sit here, (mature and austere)
They really don't know any better...

Thank you for sharing this vision with me.
I confess: sometimes I miss you.
Although I could go on interminably,
Fuck, but I'm dying to kiss you...

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