17 October 2000

(continued from A-1)

Champaign County Coroner Roger Swaney said that an autopsy did not reveal the cause of death.
It was the autopsy that did not reveal the cause of death, not the coroner.
Results were inconclusive pending future tests.
It was the results that did not draw any conclusions, not the coroner.
It was the fingerprints who revealed the identity of Gregory Eugene Brown.
It was the family who had reported him missing.
To the police?
Coroner Swaney said he believed that there would have been a mention of positional asphyxiation - where a person's chest is compressed by a position that prevents air from getting in the lungs - if that had been involved. But it was not mentioned in the preliminary report.
From the syntax, it is still not clear whether the coroner was present at the autopsy he performed.
$169,950 will be the cost of the Champaign police's new armored car.
Next time they're in a 15-armed-cop-on-1-unarmed-person-who-has-been-accused-of-no-crime-type situation, an armored car will provide additional opportunities for favorable publicity.
City Council member Tom Bruno said he isn't sure the city isn't overreacting.
A vehicle like this strikes me as a great step backward in terms of building bridges.
Mayor Schweighart said he's sympathetic to Bruno's concerns, but the problem has escalated beyond the reach of such overtures.
Mr. Brown was pronounced dead at 5:29 AM Sunday.
Described as being seen by police acting suspiciously.
Mr. Brown refused to follow directions of an officer, the officers said.
The struggle grew as more officers were called to restrain him.
Thou shalt not kill.
The struggle was very violent and involved 15 officers.
But not all at the same time.
The incident is being investigated by a Serious Use of Force Response Team consisting of officers from several local agencies.
It is not yet known which agencies.
The police will also investigate the behavior of the police.
Police reports said many of the same people have been involved in fighting.

From the syntax, it is not clear whether the reporter wrote the article.
Martial law declared in Champaign.
The department will have officers on hand to keep people from gathering in parking lots in the first place.
Congress shall make no law prohibiting free exercise of the right of the people peacably to assemble.
According to the Champaign city newspaper the News-Gazette, the Daily Illini, the student newspaper, in a story headlined "Man's death called 'Brutal,'" quoted a graduate student who asked that his name not be published, according to the story.
Attempts this morning to reach family members quoted in this article were unsuccesful.
According to the News-Gazette, not a single sentence was succesfully completed.
According to the Daily Illini, those who completed sentences did so despite fear of retribution from the police.
It is not yet known whether Gregory Brown died of natural causes while being physically restrained by fifteen police officers, according to an empty voice speaking in inverted sentences, as transcribed by an unknown writer.
Results will not be available until an additional medical review has been completed.
According to the local restaurant guide, this process could take 6-8 weeks.
It is the process that could take that long, not the people conducting it.
Champaign Police Chief William Becker, who was not present at the incident, said the man was still breathing when he was subdued.
No attempt was made to subdue a suspect who was not breathing, he assured the newspaper.

According to agreements made recently, the seventeen-member SWAT team in Champaign Illinois, in the event of a chaotic situation, can now rely on assistance from the SWAT team in Decatur.

"The sound of the guy's voice continued to get a little more hysterical and he just kept repeating 'I want to go home.'"

Then the officers noticed him changing color. Apparently, he stopped breathing.
It was the dead man who stopped his breathing, not the police restraining him.
The police department also released a statement saying that the probable cause of death was natural disease with stress being a contributing factor.
Why are you hitting me? Please stop hitting me.
At least one of the officers felt he was in a life-threatening situation.

You could audibly hear a thud when they were striking him.

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