1 December 2000

The George Bush Center for Intelligence

In April of last year, Congress renamed the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Va., the George Bush Center for Intelligence

You wouldn't even admit it if you were

You might consider this the cruelest month

But you would ensure deniability

President Carter was, as far as I know, the only president to be elected fairly in my lifetime

This is 1988, right?

Can someone give me a word for a boxfull of sockpuppets?

Can someone give me a different word for the same person with the same name?

Somewhere there is one dandelion that is the root of all the others: if you pull it, every dandelion will die

I claim everything, but some things are rightfully mine

The brain has four hemispheres which lie to one another: one of them formulates press releases

Don't worry, it is all safely contained, supposedly outside our borders

C'mon Dubya don't make us wait You governors campaign just great But sooner or later it comes down to one state It might as well be that one: To tell us only the left die young(That's what I said)You had a five foot mirror and some beer at your inauguration You're such an awful cad Your speech was awful bad The only thing that you can give this country is a reputation You never did care for us Gonna cut welfare for us(wailing, wailing sax...)(wo wo wo...)

What we have here is a one-celled organism with many nuclei, a bureaucracy structured like the internet, such that it cannot be controlled, so that nobody can be blamed

The name fills the mouth like dough, making it difficult to pronounce ordinary words or complete sentences

A majority of the people's votes is worth two majorities of electoral college votes

The brain is similar: you can remove large parts of it and the subject will still be able to live, if impaired in subtle ways

There will be no more tolerance of any good example

You can quantifiably measure a person's wealth but not her intelligence, therefore wealth will stand in for intelligence

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