3 April 2000
Dirk Stratton and William Gillespie

Three Limericks from Cincinnati

1. limerick for Louis, by William & Dirk

Once was a dude name of "Louis"
At least that's the name he gave to us
But some call him "Tony"
So which name is phony?
Whoever he is he's the coolest
In Dirk's high school poetry class, I gave the assignment to choose a letter and write a poem in which every word contains that letter somewhere (letter poetry). Then the students all traded poems and were asked to rewrite the poem they had been given without using that letter at all, essentially being asked to rewrite the poem using none of the same words. I did the assignment too, just to be a good sport. And did it as limericks.

2. (limerick / letter poem about how Dirk writes verse by William)

Dirk Stratton wrote real right rhymes
Riffing rad metrical crimes
Drinking red beer
Or raw everclear
Wreaking prime rhymes overtime

3. (limerick / lipogram about how Dirk writes verse by William)

DJ typed lines to confound
They all ended on the same sound
Exact and phonetic
Yet somehow poetic
A method designed to astound

(Though sadly it sounded like Pound)