10 January 2001

Newspoetry is the flatulent, uncombed grammar of the electronic masses

Newspoetry is a source of deep embarrassment to both poetry and news

Newspoetry is the accumulated linguistic detritus of the turn of the American millennium

Newspoetry is so you don't have to get an MFA to have a writing workshop

Newspoetry means you're already in the canon, so get ready for some tough criticism

Newspoetry is a psychedelic schoolbus full of freaks

Newspoetry is an upsidedown American flag, a cry for help

Newspoetry is the comics section of the soul

Newspoetry is love

Newspoetry is, in the words of a great American composer, ugly beauty

Newspoetry is like a multiply-indexed hypertextual bathroom stall wall

Newspoetry is a revolution beneath literature, a dandelion growing through a crack in the Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry

Newspoetry means never knowing whether Tim Johnson's, George Bush's, or Ezra Pound's sycophants are going to try to shut you down

But in the end Newspoetry is sticking it to the man, pure and simple

Newspoetry is fun

Newspoetry is you, baby

Newspoetry is you 

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